We've Got Kiosks!

We’ve got some very exciting news.

We’ve spent the past several months working round the clock on a HowGood kiosk. Our first kiosk is now available for use at GreenStar Co-op, an Ithaca food institution. As more stores start adopting our kiosk program, you’ll see them popping up around the country- maybe even at your local store!

The kiosks feature an interactive touch screen that houses a store’s entire database. That means all the products on the shelves can be found on the app, with detailed explanations for the scores of each product.  You can search by rating, scan the barcode of products, create grocery lists, and read about HowGood’s background and research all while picking up your groceries for the week.

Have a store you’d like to see us in? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to bring you information on the most sustainable products.

HowGood co-founder Alexander Gillett and GreenStar General Manager Brandon Kane next to our kiosk

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