The Rice Question for Japan

My family is South Indian, and to say that rice is a big deal for us would be a huge understatement. It’s not just something - it’s everything. Of course, rice is a big deal to almost all Indians, but for Southerners, it comprises of almost everything we eat (I get it, naan is good, but that’s from up north…I’m a rice person).

I also grew up in a town in Westchester which boasts one of the largest Japanese populations in New York State, so when I wasn’t stuffing my face with various biriyanis, idlis, vadais and dosas, I was eating lots of homemade Japanese food - all anchored by sticky short grain rice. 

Well, it seems that much of the future of Japanese’s food economy will be determined by how rice production will ultimately be structured and utilized. Will the traditional co-ops remain or will Japan begin to influence the international markets by entering bigger businesses? Check out this article to see how something as small as a grain of rice can shift the economic waves of a global powerhouse.

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