Taste Testing Continued...

“I don’t care if you live by the motto: let the chips fall where they may… don’t you dare spill the salsa. ”

Hi, ya’ll! This week I’ve continued on my journey to discover whether or not HowGood ratings and taste go hand-in-hand. If you recall, the hypothesis that I shared in my last entry is that, yes indeed these factors align, given the notion that “Sustainability is also about resurrecting flavor.” (Krista Tippet, American Public Media). In other words, my colleagues will be able to repeatedly determine in blind taste tests which food products receive a HowGood rating based on how flavorful, fresh, and delicious they taste. Up this week… Salsa!

We started the process with four salsas, two earn ratings of VERY GOOD from Howgood, and two earn no ratings at all. This time, I asked the participants (my ever willing colleagues) to identify which two salsas they thought earn a rating of: GOOD, VERY GOOD, or GREAT from HowGood, and which two salsas they thought earn no rating from HowGood. The two salsas that earn a VERY GOOD rating were Amy’s Medium Salsa and Brad’s Organic Medium Salsa. To maintain consistency in my “experiment,” I made sure that all four salsas were plain (no black bean and corn or mango-pineapple here) and medium in terms of spiciness (however much I wanted to go with hot, hot, hot!).

The results this time around were shockingly on target. Four of my six colleagues guessed spot on; they were able to determine which two salsas earn HowGood ratings and which two do not. They guessed four out of four correctly. My other two colleagues guessed two out of the four salsas correctly. No one got all four salsas wrong. The majority of people spoke to the taste of sugar and salt masking ingredients in those two salsas that do not earn a HowGood rating.

I must say, so far this is looking pretty darn good. I seem to be getting even closer to where I want to be in terms of people choosing what products taste like they earn a HowGood rating. This time around, my job shopping for food products to test was also made monumentally easier with, drumroll please… the HowGood app for my iPhone! You can download it for free here. Instead of searching via our website, I was able to seamlessly scan the barcodes of potential salsas to determine which ones I wanted to use. See picture below.

I’m still thinking on what to test out next here in the HowGood kitchen. My thoughts keep taking me to dairy, an area I think will be pronounced in terms of taste aligning with sustainability and environmental and social responsibility.


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