Research Outlook

As we start to build this blog, we’ll be trying out a variety of different ways of giving readers a look into the nitty gritty of the research without going so nitty or gritty as to become boring. Take one on this will be a series of very short posts explaining the principles that drive our research. First is energy consumption. 

Our research rewards foods with minimal resource consumption. To achieve these rewards, the factory where the processing occurs can be efficient, the food can be grown efficiently, and the food can have minimal packaging and limited need for storage, transportation and refrigeration, The foods rated best for their energy consumption score well in all areas. They are grown with minimal inputs of both pesticide, fertilizer or other energy intensive inputs (heating, for example). Those very best foods are then either processed very efficiently or, even better, not at all, and then distributed locally for immediate consumption. You could argue that the best food is the apple growing on the tree you forgot existed in your back yard, but we’d need a lot more apple trees to feed the whole country. We identify the closest thing available in your local grocery store instead.

Back End Work

The Building Process