Goliath Following David's Lead

So, if you know about HowGood, then you know what’s up. You know that seven years ago, two brothers came up with an idea, researched like whoa and then after five full years committed to research, they created a sustainability rating system which helps grocers create transparency in the shopping experience. Here’s the food you are about to buy, but wait, here are the food choices that are better for the world. Purchase those. It’s not about eating carrots over potato chips, because honestly, is there even a contest? Carrots are delicious and good for you. Potato chips are definitely more delicious, but not good for you…but do they also have to be not good for the world? No, they do not. In looking at various industry-specific metrics from ingredient sourcing to animal husbandry to whether a company’s employees are being treated right - the HowGood system is a step in the right direction by providing relevant and current information on production practices - and the consumer-facing element makes this information immediate.


Just over a year ago, one of the two brothers flew out to Austin, TX, met up with some grocery store bigwigs and shared their ideas and vision. They must have made an impression because it seems that Goliath took some notice and made some big changes.

Because of the independent nature of HowGood, grocers and shoppers can trust the research and the results. HowGood’s rating are not a result of endorsements or incentives. The ratings exist in a vacuum of reliable, honest and credible information, and after five years of building a research platform in conjunction with scientists, industry experts, academics, farmers and foodmakers, it’s not surprising that HowGood has the largest and most comprehensive database on sustainable food in the world. All this from a startup. All this from a small business. All this from David.

The main focus and mission is to inspire change in perspective to positively affect how people shop and eat, so whether the information is coming from in-house or a third party, continue to support the movement towards accountability in the food system. Support farmers and food producers who are adopting better practices. Support the movement towards ethical eating. Help make for a better planet starting with a better plate. And be sure to check out the NY Times article on Whole Foods’ in-house rating system for produce and flowers.

Flattery abounds.

-The HowGood Team

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