Fresh Garlic Washed in the East River!

In the wake of Sandy, as our new offices sat empty, I took a walk along the East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, just around the corner from the HowGood offices. At the end of Greenpoint Avenue, on the south side of the street, a company called Fresh and Super garlic (see photo), which imports garlic from China, was flooded by the river last night. The scene taking place this morning involved their employees taking out the food that was soaked by the rising waters of the East River. The boxes were falling apart and no plastic was used to protect the garlic inside. They were drying out the garlic and repackaging it. I explained to them about the contaminants that come from the East River, which include feces and a host of environmental spills that have caused NYC to prohibit fishing in the river due to health concerns. Their manager ignored me.

(The warehouse the night before)

We are reaching out to the Food Safety and Inspection Department in Brooklyn, but because of the storm, they are currently not reachable. I am continuing to talk to the different groups that take care of these issues, but again, because of the storm, most are overwhelmed with requests.

(Employees trying to save the wet garlic)

I have no guarantee that the company went through with selling these boxes of garlic, but I do know that I would not buy the Fresh and Super garlic brand for a long time to come.

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