Coconut Oil Countdown

A few months ago while poking around I came across an article titled 76 Genius Ways to Use Coconut Oil. I was immediately intrigued. I mean I knew it was excellent to cook with…but unfortunately my list ended there. One way, I had one way. Greatist had 76.

I decided to poll my coworkers to see how many things they could check off the list. I was only assuming they knew as little as I did about the many uses of coconut oil. However, this was definitely not the case. Almost immediately they starting talking about how great it was for makeup removal, or as a moisturizer, or even to heal a pesky pimple. I heard tales of oil pulling and hair masks, smoothies and cleaning. Just what was I missing out on here? What exactly were the miracles of coconut oil? It was time for me to find out, and I couldn’t think of a better way than trying all 76 of Greatist’s uses.

Thus began my journey. I headed to the grocery store with my HowGood app in hand, eager to start scanning some jars of coconut oil. Side note: we just launched the app a few weeks ago and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s true, I might be biased, but you can’t argue with the speed of the barcode scanner or ease of use. For me, it’s a must have when grocery shopping. Anyways, after scanning a few products, I decided to go with Kelpo Extra Virgin Olive Oil which scores a Great. Perfect!

Once home, I figured I’d start off small; I decided to try it as a cuticle softener, an exfoliating face scrub, and an eye makeup remover. First up: eye makeup remover. I dabbed a bit (in hindsight probably too much) of coconut oil on a cotton pad and just went for it. Although it did remove my eye makeup, my eyes were all goopy and cloudy after. I’m definitely not a fan of this one, but some people swear by it! My advice? Use only a tiny bit to start out with.


Next on the list was to make an exfoliating face scrub out of baking soda and coconut oil. I mixed a little of the two in a dish and then rubbed it all over my face in circular motions. Intuitively, rubbing oil on your face seems like a pore clogging nightmare, but this mixture left my face feeling really smooth and clean.



Finally, I rubbed some coconut oil onto my cuticles. Wait, then what? My fingers were too greasy to touch anything, so I sat there awkwardly for a while before deciding to just wash it off. I guess my cuticles were smoother? Either way I probably wouldn’t do this on a regular basis.

Three down, 73 to go. I invite you to laugh with (or at me), cry with me, and try some of the tips yourself as I go through all the trials and tribulations of working through Greatist’s list.

Nuts over coconut,


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