HowGood and SPINS partner to offer the most comprehensive reporting data on sustainability and health & wellness in the industry

“Many manufacturers and retailers want ‘sustainable products,’ but they don’t know the best way to deliver,” says Alexander Gillet, CEO and co-founder of HowGood. “We’re excited to add our own expertise in sustainability attributes like climate change risk, animal treatment, and farming practices to SPINS’ industry-leading health and wellness data in order to provide the actionable insights that responsible brands need today.”

Guide to the Sustainable BBQ

To help you navigate the maze of aisles, the HowGood team has created a Guide to the Sustainable Barbecue. As you know, a burger tastes even better when it’s made with eco-friendly, humane ingredients!

Carbon Farming: A new trend in sustainable agriculture

Carbon farming works to increase the amount of carbon captured by plants and soil, reducing the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere by agriculture. HowGood believes that carbon farming has the potential to reverse climate change for good, and we just had to fill you in on this regenerative movement.